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Our Mission

How are we planning to achieve that?

By listening to your request and understanding your needs we are confident that our knowledge and years of expertise can help you reach your dental goals whether they involve rehabilitation of function or cosmetic improvement. We work for you as a team, and often refer to ourselves as team members. We take great pride in each member’s training. The following information will help us establish an appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

• A COMPLETE MEDICAL HISTORY is necessary. We invite you to fill out the medical history contact form prior to your visit, also available by mail.

• FULL SET OF X-RAYS: Please kindly provide copies of your current full mouth x-rays series and any other previous x-rays if taken during the last five years. This step will help help prevent unecessary exposure to radiation and may lower the cost of your initial visit.

Your time is valuable. Our appointments are reserved for you only, allowing a thorough treatment of your needs while respecting your time schedule. We are proud of our efficiency and we hope that you extend this courtesy to us. If it is necessary to change an appointment, we ask for 48 hours prior notice. We reserve the right to bill for broken appointments or changes outside of the 48 hour prior notice period.

• EMERGENCIES: Patients with emergency needs should call our number 617-262-1422 as soon as possible. Early morning calls will usually guarantee an appointment the same day. Weekend and holiday coverage information is disclosed in our telephone greetings. Please pay attention to the instructions. Click here for more emergency health tips.

We ensure the comfort of our patients, and take pride in watching them return time and time again for the most technologically advanced dental care available. We use state of the art technologies like digital radiography, which means less time in the dental chair and more time for you. This level of dental care is second only to our specific brand of personalization, the cornerstone of our relationship with those we serve.


Dr. Mourmoutis

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