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Payment Options

Payment Options

Our clinic offers an array of services encompassed in general dental care and cosmetic improvement. We offer alternatives to your needs and cater to the desires of our patients. We are able to provide uncompromised treatments with great satisfaction by engaging our patients in the participation of their own treatment. From the very beginning our consultations are geared towards the joint effort rather than the lecture. That means we guide you through the options and alternatives to your treatment plan in order to attain a satisfactory plan for the complete care of your needs. We believe in the trinity of good health: provider, client and joint informed decisions. We can provide for your dental needs, all we need is a clear understanding of your expectations. That is why we have included this brief explanation of services offered and examples that may help to guide your decision making during, before and after your initial consultation.

What if I do not have insurance:

• Insurance plans are an adjunct to your health care personal planning. We insist no insurance dictates our treatment protocols ensuring you the best possible treatment you choose to have. Therefore not having insurance rather simplifies your choosing of the best treatment possible.

We accept a variety of payment methods, Cash , Checks, Master Card/Visa and their debit card counterparts. We also work with Discover and Amex.

Payment Plans: payment plans are devised by dividing the total fee by the number of visits, with payment in full by the date set-forward for treatment completion.

Note: Payment in full at each visit expedites your treatment, please plan accordingly and ask our advice during our financial consultation included in your initial exam.

• Please note currently we do not offer financing, but we will be happy to introduce you to one of several information sources regarding dental treatment finance.

I do have dental insurance…

• Very well, as explained above insurance is an adjunct to your personal health care planning, it helps you achieve your goal, often getting in the way by trying to dictate your treatment rather than allowing you to choose the best possible treatment. When considering your treatment options during our financial consultation please keep in mind the longevity of a treatment option vs. the quality of the insurance preferred restorations.

• The day of initial exam: Please bring your signed insurance form, with the “personal information questionnaire” filled in and your insurance card. [ Your employer benefit coordinator may help you even if you have not received your card yet.] For our costumers with Delta, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and Guardian: We have agreed to receive your insurance direct payment for services rendered and estimate the approximate difference of fees reimbursement or co-payments for you. Please note co-payments, fee residuals and “yearly insurance deductibles” are due the day of service. This approximation depends on the specifics of the plan acquired by your employer and are always estimated before service is rendered. As with all estimates, this approximations are always subject to review, we can assure you a fair estimate to the best of our knowledge and the guaranty of billing or refund as needed.

Please note though we are willing to help you with all of your insurance claims and requested documentations as available to us, we can not dispute benefits or coverage as this legal agreements are solely between you, your employer and the insurance carrier.

• We have provided a list of links you may use to contact your insurance provider at the end of our web-site

Other options:

Many employers offer alternative plans to insurance or even with insurance coverage, Cafeteria Plans, Matching Funds or Pre-Tax Medical Account Plans. Ask your employer we can help you formulate the right questions and prepare your documentation if need be presented.

We are always willing to accomodate you, should you have any difficulty with our agreements please mention it in advance and clear workable agreements can be made.

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