Winning smile with out loosing your budget

ClearCorrectTM is a series of Aligners alternative to Invisalign and traditional fixed appliances, The Aligners are every bit as comfortable as the more expensive alternative and way better than fixed appliances (traditional metal braces). Aligners can do movements faster and safely as the envelope the whole tooth, allowing for a multi-directional approach to teeth movements. This is a fantastic option for spacing and moderate crowding cases. They are a great way to prepare your smile for procedures such as Implants and Veneers without breaking the bank. (Both Aligner systems have the same principles and results) Think of Clear Correct as a “generic” alternative. (Both are usually covered by insurance if you have Adult Coverage for Braces)

These Aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning. With aligners we can achieve a beautiful smile and help you get rid of food traps and crowded spaces that are impossible to clean. Not all patients are good candidates for Aligners only treatment but a combination of aligners and traditional discrete orthodontics can achieve your goals faster and with beautiful accuracy.

Easy To Use
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